In this section, we want to give you a flavour of life at Genus and a sense of what you can expect when you come to work for us, whatever your role and wherever you work within the world.

Our culture

We are the only animal genetics company with a truly worldwide reach and we have a distinctly global mindset. We encourage – and need – collaboration between colleagues in different businesses, countries and roles, every day. When you join Genus, you become part of this global team and play your part in pursuing our vision and shared strategy.

Underpinning our work is our set of core values, which we developed with input from colleagues across the Company. Our values form our moral compass: they guide the way each of us works and behaves, every day.

Those values shape an organisation full of commitment, energy and passion for our work. We are a company that prizes high-performance and strives for excellence in everything we do. As individuals and as teams, we are always seeking to enhance our contribution to colleagues, customers and the communities we work in. But whilst we are focused, we are also supportive: we will give you every opportunity to achieve, grow and fulfil your potential.

Genus is a place where you can be yourself and be part of a growing global team. We have a culture of respect, openness and fairness for all. Whatever your background, your role or your area of work, you will have the chance to thrive in an environment that inspires, challenges and supports you to succeed.

Our ‘offer’

In a global company, there will always be differences between what’s on offer between countries and businesses. But at Genus we make some core commitments to every employee. Whatever your role, and wherever you work, you can count on these elements throughout your time with us.

  • Career development – you can build the career you want to at Genus. We will work with you to understand your aspirations and then help you build the path you need to make the progress you want.
  • Learning and development – we will discuss and draw up a personal learning and development plan for you. From bespoke courses to on-the-job mentoring and coaching, and help with professional studies, we will work together to identify and harness the support you need to help you thrive.
  • Talent management – our talent management programme nurtures people with high potential. If we see you have the ability to move through the organisation, and/or become an expert in your field, we will give you the opportunities, challenge and support to fulfil that potential.
  • Performance management – every employee, at every level of the Company, has clear and measurable annual objectives with mid- and full-year reviews of progress. These are high-quality, in-depth discussions with your manager: not just about your progress, but also about your aspirations.
  • Pay and benefits – we offer competitive pay and benefits in every area of the company, with bonus schemes covering the majority of our roles and packages tailored to the employment market in each country.
  • Technology and tools – we are a company that embraces technology, so you can count on receiving the tools and support that you need to succeed.
  • Work-life balance – we recognise that people have lives outside work, and we encourage everyone to strike an appropriate balance (and to encourage others to do the same).
International assignments

We are a global business and we encourage people to move around the Company through international assignments. In the last two years alone, we have arranged more than 30 international assignments (a mixture of long-term and short-term assignments as well as permanent transfers). These have involved people in both managerial and front-line roles, and have included moves from the Russia to China, Brazil to the US, Romania to the UK, China to the US and Spain to Russia.

Such assignments give you the chance to learn new things and to live and work in a different culture. They’re not for everyone, though, and you don’t need to live abroad to build your career here: there are many ways to continue developing and progressing if you stay in your ‘home’ market. But if you’re interested in a move, we are always open to discussing opportunities.

Recognition programmes

We run a range of schemes to celebrate the work of our people. One of the most prestigious is the Chairman’s Award for Customer Innovation.

This recognises teams with outstanding ideas that have been developed and introduced to benefit customers, colleagues and the Company. Winners receive a trophy and personal mementos of their achievement.

We also have an annual award to recognise the team that makes the most measurable improvement in health and safety. The winning team is decided by a panel involving business leaders and representatives from our Health & Safety team.

Engaging employees

We are fully committed to effective, two-way communication with employees across the Company. We share information about business plans and progress throughout the year. We also celebrate the people and projects shaping our success through our intranet and employee newsletter.

But we don’t just share information: we also seek feedback, questions and ideas from our people. Methods include briefing packs and discussion points for managers, online discussions with experts in their field and Q&As with leaders during site visits. We also open up our Global Leadership Conference, held every three years, to questions from employees and we webcast some of the sessions. We underpin all this with a rolling programme of training in communication skills for managers and supervisors around the world.

We add to this with a global employee survey every two years (and smaller-scale surveys on occasion). These surveys give us valuable snapshots of employee views. The changes we’ve made – from enhancing communication to investment in new training programmes – show that we act on what we hear.

Global Handbook

To download our Global Handbook, please click here.

Employee Resource Groups

Genus is home to a global employee-led resource group called AWAKE. AWAKE stands for: Advancing Women's Advocacy, Knowledge, & Empowerment. It is led by women across Genus and open to all employees interested in fostering a discussion about gender inclusion and accessing programs and resources to empower women to grow and advance in their careers. AWAKE was launched in 2020 and is a part of Genus’ focus in creating an inclusive culture where everyone can grow and thrive.

Since the global launch of AWAKE in August 2020, there has been high interest from colleagues throughout Genus to create additional employee resource groups to represent the wider diversity of our organisation.