At the forefront of innovation in gene-editing, advanced reproductive biology and other breakthrough breeding technologies, Genus R&D advances an agricultural practice thousands of years old – animal breeding. Our goal is to ensure the global food system continues to nurture healthy, productive animals that yield affordable, high-quality proteins for a sustainable future.

At Genus ideas move from the lab to the barn to livestock farmers, as new breeding solutions meet the needs of the food system. Ultimately, Genus helps farmers all over the world make healthy food accessible to all. Genus R&D combines passion, science, biology and genetics to deliver ground-breaking research and innovation technologies to support a more sustainable food system.


Genus R&D Technology Platform

Our technology platform includes several areas and efforts to pioneer animal genetic improvement

Genomic Science & Data Science

Genomic Science develops and provides foundational genomic knowledge about livestock animals for genetic improvement, while Data Science combines various data streams and makes the information available for R&D to optimize our processes within product development and research teams.

Biosystems Engineering

Biosystems Engineering integrates engineering science and design with applied biological and environmental sciences.

Gene Editing & Trait Development

Trait Development responsibly and transparently applies the latest and safest technologies focusing on disease-resistance in animals.

Reproductive Biology

Reproductive Biology focuses on the development and commercial application of advanced reproductive techniques.

IntelliGen Technologies is a unit of Genus plc, and works in tandem with Genus R&D to share knowledge and develop products needed by global customers. Through this technology, we enable customers to achieve their unique animal genetic objectives. For more information, please click the IntelliGen link below.