Challenge: To ensure a safe and inclusive working environment for our colleagues and others

Alongside providing an inclusive working environment, it is vital that Genus conducts its activities in line with the highest practicable health and safety (H&S) standards. We have a duty to protect employees and others from possible injury or harm resulting from the work they do with us.

We aim for continuous improvement and compliance with all relevant H&S regulations through:

  • Consultation and employee involvement.
  • Integration of H&S practices into our operations and procedures.
  • Promotion of H&S awareness at all levels of the Company through training and communication.
  • Implementation of monitoring systems to identify areas of non-conformance and preventative measures.

At Genus, H&S is not a responsibility assigned to a particular person or part of our organisation. Rather, it is an integral part of everyone’s role. It starts with our Management and Leadership, who set a personal example by following our health and safety rules every day, and support colleagues’ health concerns, including around mental health. 

It’s management's role to communicate our policies and to celebrate and promote our H&S successes, but there needs to be broad ownership of the issues across the organisation. This means engaging everyone who shares the responsibility for helping Genus work well. We aim to make information and training available that is quick and easy for all to understand, so that they can fulfil their obligations to themselves and each other.

That means taking care of their own physical and mental health and personal safety, and that of others who may be affected by their actions at work. We also make it easy for our colleagues to report any specific queries or concerns relating to H&S at work, so that any potential issues can be identified and resolved quickly.

Our goals

We aim for compliance and continual improvement of our health and safety performance and seek to embed a culture of safety and responsibility within our organisation.


We will achieve a rolling 5% year on year reduction in occupational road risk to 193 vehicle incidents or fewer.


In 2021, we reduced vehicle incidents by 16.9% to 183.

We will achieve a rolling 5% year on year reduction in our recordable injury frequency rate.


In 2021, we reduced recordable injury frequency rate1 by 21.46% to 2.05. 

1 Recordable injury frequency rate is the number of work related incidents that result in injury or illness, work restriction or require treatment other than first aid.