Both in today’s research and tomorrow’s potential commercialization, Genus R&D prides itself on an extensive testing system to make sure all animals resulting from Genus’ genetics are safe and healthy, and produce safe and nutritious meat and dairy products.

Human and animal health are top priorities for Genus. Genus has adopted a series of ethical commitments to guide our use of new breeding approaches, such as gene editing, in today’s research and tomorrow’s potential innovations and products. These commitments range from transparency, regulatory compliance, focus on disease, environmental stewardship and monitoring for unintended consequences.


Genus will provide information to our customers, partners and consumers about our use of our animal breeding approaches.  We will collaborate with our food system partners to create a process that makes information transparent to the public.

Human Health First

Genus will test to make sure meat from any animal entering the food system is nutritionally equivalent to or more nutritional than meat from other farm animals. Genus will conduct testing for many years before potential commercialization including the potential for introduction of human allergens or other risks.

Regulatory Compliance

Genus will partner and comply with all global government regulations related to farm animals and breeding approaches, including all testing and safety requirements.

Disease Resistance Focus

Genus strives to use gene editing to make animals healthier and will target the use of R&D efforts to prevent or treat animal diseases or to reduce animal suffering.

Environmental Stewardship

Genus strives to use our breeding approaches for sustainable protein production and environmental stewardship. We strive to produce animals that will lessen environmental impact through solutions like the reduced need for antibiotics or the ability to produce less waste in our food system. We will not introduce animals that create a heavier burden on the environment when raised for food.

Monitoring for Unintended Consequences

As part of our regular business operations, we continually test new generations of pigs and cows to ensure they carry only desirable traits and not any unexpected ones. Consistent with regulatory guidance, Genus will implement a monitoring system for any commercialized animals to ensure ongoing oversight of disease resistant animals.

Third Party Oversight

Genus will seek independent third-party validation to certify our testing and scientific study results before bringing any animal to commercialization.

Download the Genus R&D Gene Editing Ethical Commitments here.