Leading multi-species market positions

We supply 50,000+ customers in 80+ countries, including many top pig and dairy farmers. Our international, multi-species model reduces our reliance on individual markets. In contrast, many of our competitors are regional single-species cooperatives.

Focused technology-driven business model

We are focused on delivering high quality breeding animals to farmers by discovering, developing and delivering pioneering technologies spanning genomics, gene editing, sexing and reproductive technology fields, across multiple species.

Positive long‑term market fundamentals

Genus’s genetic improvement technologies enable farmers to produce more animal protein with fewer natural resources, helping to meet the growing global demand for animal protein more sustainably.

People and relationships

Genus attracts top industry talent. Our 3,500 employees, including 100+ PhDs, enable us to deliver superior products and services to 50,000+ customers globally. Close relationships with leading research and strategic partners further strengthen our capabilities.

Scale and financial strength

Genus is the only large, listed animal genetics company operating in pork, beef and dairy. We are cash generative with a strong financial position and access to strategic capital. We leverage our R&D investment across species to further our genetic lead.