Enhancing our customer focus

During the year, progress against our strategic objectives included:


Increasing Genetic Control and Product Differentiation

  • Creating De Novo Genetics, our partnership with De-Su Holsteins, to accelerate in-house development of differentiated dairy genetics
  • Bringing through the first bulls from our beef nucleus herd into production
  • Launching NuEra GeneticsTM, the new global brand of our proprietary beef genetics, including the beef genetic nucleus and proprietary indices
  • Taking full ownership of IVB to further accelerate its integration and growth
  • Significantly enhancing our Genetic Management System (GMS 2.0) to help customers plan and achieve the genetic blueprint they are seeking for their herd

Targeting Key Markets and Segments

  • Enhancing our focus on large dairy accounts, particularly in the US, tailoring provision of products and services to their needs
  • Continuing to expand IVB’s reach in the US and grow its business in Mexico, harnessing the new laboratories established in 2016
  • Helping customers in Latin America maintain the benefits of crossbreeding across generations, by providing hybrid genetics in embryo form
  • Working with beef supply chain partners in the UK, US and Brazil on proprietary indices to identify genetics that increase supply chain efficiency, profitability and sustainability

Sharing in the Value Delivered

  • Combining elite sire and maternal genetics in embryo form for customers in Latin America, providing a premium product that accelerates genetic progress
  • Introducing a new beef index in the UK to rank sires on profit potential in customer herds, enabling us to price to value

Priorities for 2018

  • Successfully launching our proprietary sexed genetics offer, Sexcel, in target markets around the world (which we introduced on 1 September 2017)
  • Building customised genetic blueprints for target dairy customers and tailoring our offer to their needs
  • Launching further proprietary products and developing new indices for different beef markets and segments
  • Continuing to extend IVB’s reach to target customers and markets worldwide