Genus PIC is the international leader in providing genetically superior pig breeding stock and technical support for maximising genetic potential to commercial pork producers. 

PIC combines quantitative sciences with leading-edge biotechnology to develop non-GMO breeding stock that allows major producers to breed healthier animals that cost less to produce and provide higher-quality products to consumers.

Operating for over 50 years, PIC's success is attributed to its thorough concentration and significant investment in aspects of genetics, technology and health.

The PIC porcine business sells breeding males, females and semen. PIC owns over 10 pure-bred pig lines, which it is continuing to develop in its two nucleus herds, located in the US and Canada. These animals are crossed and then multiplied in over 300 predominantly sub-contracted multiplication units located in all PIC’s markets around the world.

PIC's production and service staff work closely with third-party breeders/multipliers, producers and farmers to crossbreed animals possessing desirable traits and genes to produce offspring with the desired meat characteristics and efficient performance.

More than 120 million slaughter pigs produced each year contain PIC genetics and PIC views these pigs as those with the highest value that can be produced with the lowest production cost of any of PIC's competitors supplying large integrated pig production units.