Pioneering technology for protein production

During our last financial year progress against our strategic objectives included:

Gene editing

  • Completed data package submissions to seek approval for PRRSv-resistant pigs from the Food and Drug Administration in the US, while also completing regulatory submissions in Colombia and Brazil
  • Gained approval to import PRRSv-resistant pigs to China, for in-country regulatory assessment
  • Continued to evaluate potential target edits to combat Swine Influenza
  • Established several collaborations with academic partners to accelerate work on identifying target edits to combat African Swine Fever

Gender skew

  • Continued to enhance the efficiency of our proprietary bovine sexing technology, increasing the number of straws produced from each bull
  • Established a further three IntelliGen Technologies laboratories for third-party customers and signed one technology transfer contract, licensing customers to use our process and instruments

Reproductive biology

  • Introduced our new medium for embryo culture, which improves the quantity and quality of embryos produced, in commercial laboratories
  • Expanded our work exploring how embryonic stem cells could enhance genetic gain, following encouraging results from initial research, and began a new collaboration with the University of Florida

Data strategy

  • Completed implementation of our data analytics strategy, enabling us to link and query different data sets simultaneously and elicit faster and deeper insights to inform genetic improvement
  • Integrated data from different locations around the world and developed dashboards to monitor production performance, instrument efficiency and quality control parameters: aiding our operations and establishing a new product offer for third-party customers