Pioneering technology for protein production

During our last financial year progress against our strategic objectives included:

Gene editing

  • Made further submissions as part of the process for regulatory approval of PRRSv-resistant animals in the US, while working with regulatory bodies and agencies in other target markets around the world
  • Advanced our project focused on swine influenza and evaluated opportunities for using gene editing to combat ASF, both in collaboration with Kansas State University

Gender skew

  • Continued to improve the quality, fertility and number of gender skews delivered through our proprietary bovine sexing technology
  • Began using specialist technology in some of our laboratories to increase the ratio of Y chromosomes in straws of sexed semen, with the aim of producing more male offspring
  • Established a new IntelliGen Technologies laboratory with a customer, giving us 12 owned and licensed facilities around the world

Reproductive biology

  • Introduced a new medium for embryo culture, to further improve quality and quantity, and harnessed leading-edge technology to enable the identification of the sex of embryos before transfer to recipients
  • Continued to work internally and in collaboration with University of California Davis and Missouri State University to explore the role embryonic stem cells could play in enhancing genetic gain

Data strategy

  • Accelerated implementation of our data analytics strategy, making strong progress on initiatives including rapid data inception, data integration, scalable hybrid computing and flexible data storage