Pioneering technologies

During the year, progress against our strategic objectives included:


Differentiated Products from Genomic Selection

  • Formation of De Novo Genetics, integrating our elite dairy female programme with animals from De-Su Holsteins, to create world leading, proprietary Holstein genetics
  • Developing proprietary indices for beef, enabling us to select appropriate genetics for the drivers of profitability in target markets and segments
  • Implementing our proprietary technological platform for genomic evaluation of beef genetics, based on analysing data collected from commercial herds in our target market segments
  • Implementing genomic evaluations for dairy, focused on TransitionRightTM traits that produce daughters more resistant to health problems which commonly occur after giving birth
  • Continuing our Nextgen Breeding project with the Roslin Institute, which is exploring the sequencing of porcine DNA to identify and harness several billion data points for animal selection

Gene editing

  • Working with our partners in Caribou Bioscience to select and optimise the gene editing reagents for use in our PRRSv resistance programme
  • Beginning the process of creating edits in elite PIC genetics, to remove the CD163 gene product, which is required for PRRSv to infect pigs
  • Securing an Investigational New Animal Drug application with the FDA for the PRRSv programme

Gender skew

  • Scaling our proprietary Genus Sexed Semen technology in anticipation of our launch on 1 September 2017, to deliver our sexed bovine genetics offer at the highest calibre on a global scale

Priorities for 2018

  • Driving our dairy genetic progress through the De Novo joint venture
  • Launching full genomic selection for beef, harnessing our proprietary technology
  • Introducing further proprietary bovine indices, such as targeted beef indices for Brazil and the US
  • Successfully launching Sexcel, our proprietary sexed genetics offering
  • Continuing to enhance our gene editing trait development capability
  • Working with regulators and stakeholders to facilitate the future approval, and acceptance, of gene edited animal proteins