Challenge: To breed healthier, more productive animals

As a business with a direct responsibility for animals, we believe their health, welfare, comfort, and dignity is paramount and recognise that the health of our animals, human health and the health of our planet are inextricably linked. That’s why we closely monitor our animals to prevent disease, to reduce the need for veterinary medicines, and to ensure they remain productive.

Our breeding technologies offer healthier, more productive animals – resulting in fewer animals being born that won’t become part of the animal protein supply chain, and healthier animals that are less likely to become ill, less likely to need antimicrobial medicine or to die through disease or in labour.

From day one at Genus, we train all our colleagues in the principles of animal welfare, and this training is refreshed on a regular basis. Those with direct animal care roles receive regular, mandatory training on their specific responsibilities, based on a standard set of principles and processes that we audit and report to our Board.

Our FY24 goals

  • Update the Animal Welfare Policy and ensure revised policy is rolled out globally.
  • Ensure employees with animal care responsibilities are regularly trained on Genus animal care standards.