ABS, our global bovine genetics business, sells dairy and beef bull semen and embryos from our superior cattle, which are sold to farmers to breed their cows through artificial insemination. The resulting calves will then exhibit desirable characteristics for milk and beef production. ABS’s highest-quality semen is often sold in sexed form, which greatly increases the probability of a female calf. ABS also provides technical services to farmers, to maximise the performance of their animals bred with our genetics.

ABS breeds genetically elite bulls in three continents. The best bulls come to one of ABS’s six stud locations, where their semen is collected for distribution as a frozen ‘straw’ of semen or used to create embryos for sale.

ABS genetics are sold through direct sales channels and strategic partners under the ABS brand. In the UK and France, they are sold under long-established Genus and Bovec brands.