As a business producing animals used in breeding programmes across the globe, Genus’s emissions are largely from livestock sources – the methane from animals’ manures, but also power to operate our facilities and laboratories, and transport. This year, we have significantly reduced our emissions intensity through a combination of measures, including the way we manage our farms, our installation of renewable power systems, including 1,084 kWp in Wisconsin and the use of anaerobic digestion and composting of manures. The combined impact of these investments this year are around 180 tonnes CO2e.

In the current year, we have also changed the way we manage our land and soils, to provide greater opportunity for carbon sequestration into soils and biomass and to improve their habitat value for nature. We have started to supplement our direct measurement of soil organic carbon with satellite remote sensed ‘flux’ of carbon over the course of the year, to show us how well we are achieving our aims and to help us better quantify these impacts.

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