• A World Leader

    Pioneering animal genetic improvement
    to help nourish the world

    Genus is a world leader in applying science to
    animal breeding creating advances through
    biotechnology and selling added value products for
    livestock farming and food producers.

  • Genus strategy

    Our strategy focuses on 4 key elements:


    Increasing genetic control and product differentiation


    Targeting key markets and segments


    Tailoring the business model


    Strengthening the core competencies

  • Our Values

    Our values are integral to our role as a company that helps to meet a basic human requirement: nourishment

    Five principles and attributes guide everything we do:

    • Customer-centric
    • Results-driven
    • Pioneering
    • People-focused
    • Responsible

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Genus tackles major pig disease with breakthrough technology

Genus is dedicated to the responsible exploration of new innovations that benefit the well-being of animals, farmers, and ultimately consumers. Development of the first pigs resistant to Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome Virus ("PRRSv") is a major breakthrough.

Download our PRRSv breakthrough announcement here

Download our Announcement Information Digest and FAQs here

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Our Business Model

Genus’s business model is built on a number of competitive advatages, which help us to create value.