Delivering Genetic Progress

During the year, progress against our strategic objectives included:

Differentiated Products from Genomic Selection

  • Expanding our line-up of elite dairy genetics through De Novo Genetics, our joint venture with De-Su Holsteins, by producing industry-leading animals of high genetic merit.

  • Strengthening our proprietary selection indices for beef genetics and demonstrating the financial benefits that high-ranking sires deliver for customers in target markets and segments.

  • Continuing to collaborate with colleagues in PIC and The Roslin Institute on the DNA sequencing of elite PIC animals, through which we are seeking to harness billions of data points for animal selection.

Gene editing

  • Increasing the number of gene-edited pigs in our PRRSvresistance programme, from multiple elite lines born in our facilities, while continuing to make good progress on preparations for seeking regulatory approval to market such animals.

  • Achieving pregnancies from beef embryos edited in-house, as we continue to explore whether a single change to the CD18 gene can improve resilience to Bovine Respiratory Disease.

Gender skew

  • Enhancing production capabilities and capacity to help Genus ABS meet global demand for Sexcel, its bovine sexed genetics product.
  • Continuing to license our proprietary sexing technology to third parties through IntelliGen Technologies, establishing a global network currently comprising seven owned and licensed labs across three continents.