Genus is the world’s leading animal biotechnology company.

We use pioneering science to create genetic improvement in animals that helps customers produce high-quality milk and meat.

We work with customers to understand their business and their goals (e.g. increased disease resistance, improved meat quality, greater milk yield). We then develop and deliver the genetics they need to succeed, helping them make the most of these genetics through a tailored range of products, services and consultancy.


Our businesses

We have a number of businesses:

  • Genus PIC, the world’s leading porcine genetics business.
  • Genus ABS Dairy, helping dairy farmers around the world profit from genetic progress in their herd.
  • Genus ABS Beef, focusing on a global industry with enormous potential to benefit from genetic improvement.
  • In Vitro Brasil ('IVB'), the world’s leading bovine in vitro fertilisation ('IVF') company.
  • Promar, our agricultural and agri-food consultancy.

We have 2,700 employees, with our porcine business operating in more than 50 countries and our bovine business in more than 70.


Our vision

We have a clear and focused vision:

Pioneering animal genetic improvement to help nourish the world

As the global population grows, the demand for animal protein increases. As a result, producers need to gain more from their herds, more effectively and efficiently than ever before. We are helping food producers meet this need by developing and delivering genes that improve the availability and quality of animal protein.


Our strategy

We have a shared and enduring strategy that forms the framework for each of our businesses. This centres on three themes:

Produce differentiated products

We invest in pioneering research techniques and technologies to accelerate the rate of genetic improvement in animals. This work informs our growing range of differentiated and proprietary genetics for customers.

Distribute genetics to our customers quickly and efficiently

To maximise our products’ performance in customer herds, our global technical service teams advise on nutrition, reproduction, health and other areas.

In PIC, to give our customers the number of elite pigs they need, we deliver live animals and semen to third-party ‘multipliers’ or our customers, who then multiply our pigs over four generations to deliver slaughter pigs.  Our global supply chain and distribution quickly disseminates our latest genetics to customers.

In ABS, we distribute bovine genetics as semen, embryos and live animals. We produce and process these in strategically located studs and laboratories, both owned and third party, and sell them directly in 21 countries, and through distributors in approximately 50 countries. We offer sexed bovine genetics, as well as elite frozen embryos.

Share in the value created

We price our products to reflect the value they deliver for our customers.

Our bovine genetics sold as semen are valued using both public and, increasingly, proprietary economic indices, which capture a weighted basket of desirable characteristics. Embryos are priced based on the genetic merit of both parents, determined through their respective index rankings.

Our porcine genetics are measured through our indices aimed at customer productivity and profitability, and are primarily sold on multi-year pricing models, with an upfront payment equal to the cost of production and a deferred royalty linked to the volume of pigs produced. This creates customer loyalty and aligns our interests with theirs.


Our values

Our Company values guide the way we work with customers and colleagues, the animals we care for and the communities we work in. They were developed with input from colleagues around the world and act as our moral compass, every day.


We are one team, dedicated to helping customers thrive. We anticipate their needs and help them seize opportunities, acting as partners to improve quality, efficiency and output. If we are not adding value for our customers, we stop and think again.

Results driven

We are proactive, determined to be the best we can be and to exceed expectations. We redefine standards for ourselves, our customers and our industry. Every one of us takes pride in delivering the highest level of performance. If something can be improved, we find a simpler, better way to do it.


We are an innovative, forward-thinking company. We have the courage and confidence to explore new ideas and the energy and enthusiasm to deliver them. We are creative, tenacious and resourceful in every area of our work.


We are a business rooted in science but built around our people.

We inspire, challenge and support everyone to perform, develop and grow. We treat others with respect and we invite views and feedback to help us improve.


We are ethical to our core. We feel a deep sense of responsibility to our customers, colleagues, animals, communities and shareholders. We are honest, reliable and trustworthy. We mean what we say and do what we say.


Our ethics

We pride ourselves on being a responsible company: it's one of our core values and it guides the way we work, every day.

For example, animal welfare and well-being is a top priority. We care for thousands of animals and we have a zero tolerance approach to any mistreatment of them. We have a set of core principles on which all employees receive ‘refresher’ training every year (whether or not they work directly with animals). Our livestock handlers receive specific and detailed training. All of us have a responsibility to report any concerns about animal welfare.

We are also passionate about health and safety. Our CEO is championing our drive to become a leader for our industry and beyond. We run an ongoing programme of communication, training and support to help colleagues in every area of our company reduce any risks to themselves and those around them.