The key performance indicators for monitoring and reporting our performance, and our plans for FY21, are summarised below.


What we do

Advancing genetic improvement in food-producing animals, through technology and innovation

Highlights in our last financial year

  • Drove further genetic improvement in both porcine and bovine species
  • Continued our work to combat PRRSv in pigs and signed a major collaboration agreement in China
  • Increased the availability of Sexcel in target markets around the world

What we plan to do next

  • Continue driving porcine and bovine genetic improvement and rapidly disseminate the genetics to customers globally
  • Continue responsible development of gene editing technology, to aid disease resistance and animal well-being
  • Explore opportunities for technology partnerships to enhance traceability of Genus genetics

Animal well-being

What we do

Continuously improve animal wellbeing practices across our business worldwide

Highlights in our last financial year

  • Continued to invest in PIC and ABS animal housing facilities
  • Continued aligning standard operating procedures across the PIC supply chain
  • Maintained our focus on reducing bovine stress, to improve maternal health


  • Ensure employees with animal care responsibilities are routinely trained on current animal care standards
  • Continue investment in animal housing facilities
  • Keep reviewing and updating animal care standards and operating procedures, to maintain alignment with best practice


What we do

Reduce the environmental impact of protein production

Highlights in our last financial year

  • Audited 87.4% of PIC-owned production sites
  • Improved feed efficiency by 0.045 kg of feed per kg of pork
  • Approved Climate Change Policy

What we plan to do next

  • Increase porcine genetic improvement index by 19 points
  • Continue to select beef genetics that improve feed efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas (‘GHG’) emissions
  • Launch environmental sustainability initiatives across the Company consistent with Climate Change Policy targets for GHG emission reductions
  • Execute and explore opportunities for wider deployment of renewable energy solutions across ABS and PIC sites
  • Work to address slurry and manure management challenges by exploring technological innovations
  • Conduct environmental audits of material facilities
  • Maintain scope and measures of PIC audits on owned production, including 80% of owned sites

Responsible employer of choice

What we do

Seek to ensure a safe an inclusive working environment for our colleagues

Highlights in our last financial year

  • Vehicle incident rates fell by 5%
  • Recordable incidents dropped by 5%

What we plan to do next

  • Reduce occupational road risk
  • Reduce recordable injury frequency rate1

1 Recordable Injury Frequency: the number of work related incidents that result in injury or illness, work restriction, or require treatment other than first aid.


What we do

Proactively engage in communities where Genus operates

Highlights in our last financial year

  • Recruited 103 staff into our PIC and ABS production sites
  • Enhanced our range of placement and employment opportunities for students and apprentices

What we plan to do next

  • Continue to respond to local community crises, recruit into local farms and encourage support for charities close to the local businesses and aligned with our mission


Our commitment to operating responsibly is ingrained within our company and overseen by the Board.

We have created a dedicated committee that reports to the Genus Executive Leadership Team (‘GELT’) on progress, performance and future plans. We have also established a sub-committee that focuses on animal well-being.

Sustainability Committee

The Sustainability Committee defines our strategy, reviews our policies and practices, monitors external developments and advises the GELT and the Audit & Risk Committee. It recommends annual goals and initiatives, and identifies the key performance indicators for monitoring and reporting our performance.


The Committee comprises senior leaders who lead different aspects of the Sustainability programme; they meet quarterly to set objectives and review progress.

Committee members


Group General Counsel and Company Secretary, Genus plc

Chair, Responsible for sustainability delivery and compliance



Deputy Company Secretary, Genus plc

Secretary and corporate compliance



Group HR Director, Genus Plc

Leads on H&S aspects, community and people



Chief Operating Officer, Genus Beef

Leads the Global Beef Business



Head of Internal Audit, Genus plc

Responsible for integrity and risk mitigation



Andrew Thompson

Regional Director Europe, Genus ABS

Deeping knowledgeable about global production, Andy leads our ABS business in Europe



Global Health & Safety Director, Genus plc

Responsible for global H&S


Dr James Meronek, DVM, MPH

Global Health Assurance & Supply Chain Director, Genus ABS

Responsible for animal well-being and bio-security for ABS globally


Nick McCulley

Global Supply Chain Director, Genus PIC

Leads the global production of PIC, responsible for H&S implementation, environment and animal well-being


Luis Adriano Teixeira

Beef Strategic Account Director, Latin America, Genus ABS

Sub-committee on animal well-being

This group focuses on animal well-being and also meets quarterly. It maintains an overview of the Company’s commitment to animal well-being and welfare, the well-being principles involved and the policies and activities developed to deliver these principles in practice.

Sub-committee members

DR. Bill Christianson (Chair of Committee)

Chief Operating Officer, Genus PIC

DR. Jim Meronek

Global Health Assurance & Supply Chain Director, Genus ABS

Nick McCulley

Global Supply Chain Director, Genus PIC

Mark Smith

EMEA Beef Director, Genus ABS

DR. Dan Tucker

Global Health Assurance Advisor, Genus PIC