Our commitment to operating responsibly is ingrained within our company and overseen by the Board.

We have created a dedicated committee that reports directly to the Board on progress, performance and future plans. We have also established a sub-committee that focuses on animal well-being.


Corporate Social Responsibility Committee

The Corporate Social Responsibility Committee defines our strategy, reviews our policies and practices, monitors external developments and advises the Genus Executive Leadership Team ('GELT') and the Audit Committee. It recommends annual goals and initiatives, and identifies the key performance indicators for monitoring and reporting our performance.



The Committee comprises senior leaders who lead different aspects of the Corporate Responsibility programme; they meet quarterly to set objectives and review progress.

Committee members

Catherine Glickman (Chair of Committee)

Group HR Director, Genus Plc
Chair, leads on H&S aspects, community and people
Catherine retires from the business at the end of 2017. Angelle Rosata, the incoming Group HR Director, will take over as Chair.

Cara Crichton (Secretary to the Committee)

Deputy Company Secretary, Genus plc
Secretary and corporate compliance

Ihab Ahmed

Head of Internal Audit, Genus plc
Responsible for integrity and risk mitigation

Dr Jer Geiger, DVM, MS

Health Assurance Veterinarian, Genus PIC
Responsible for animal well-being and bio-security for PIC Americas

Dan Hartley

Group General Counsel and Company Secretary, Genus plc
Responsible for corporate responsibility delivery and compliance

Mark Lane

Global Health & Safety Director, Genus plc
Responsible for global H&S

Dr Angel Manabat

Regional Technical Services and Health Assurance Director, Genus PIC
Responsible for animal well-being and environment for PIC Asia

Dr James Meronek, DVM, MPH

Head of Global Health Assurance, Genus ABS
Responsible for animal well-being and bio-security for ABS globally

Nick McCulley

Global Supply Chain Director, Genus PIC
Leads the global production of PIC, responsible for H&S implementation, environment and animal well-being

Mark Smith

EMEA Beef Director, Genus ABS
Deeply knowledgeable about global production, Mark leads our ABS Beef business in Europe. 


Sub-committee on animal well-being

This group focuses on animal well-being and also meets quarterly. It maintains an overview of the Company’s commitment to animal well-being and welfare, the well-being principles involved and the policies and activities developed to deliver these principles in practice.

Sub-committee members

DR. Bill Christianson (Chair of Committee)

Chief Operating Officer, Genus PIC

DR. Jim Meronek

Global Head of Health Assurance, Genus ABS

Nick McCulley

Global Supply Chain Director, Genus PIC

Mark Smith

EMEA Beef Director, Genus ABS
Steve Smith
Global Supply Chain Director, Genus ABS

DR. Dan Tucker

Global Health Assurance Advisor, Genus PIC