Our Strategy - Helping Customers Thrive

We have developed a clear and comprehensive framework to translate our commitment to responsible business into practical activities that guide the way we work across our global company.

This framework is built around five pillars, which are summarised below. Please expand each pillar for an overview or click on the name of each pillar to take you to a more detailed page on performance and future plans for that area.


Ensuring a safe working environment for our colleagues, by nurturing a culture of continuous improvement in health and safety in all our teams and facilities around the world. This includes:

  • Core health & safety training for all employees, complemented by role-specific training where needed
  • Communication campaigns to raise awareness and build understanding of important issues and behaviours
  • Health and safety audits
  • Complete incident reporting (actual events and ‘near misses’)
  • Sharing of best practice and lessons learned to reduce risks in future


Continually improving animal well-being by working to world-class and scientifically proven standards of animal husbandry, with a zero tolerance policy in the company for any employee mistreatment of animals. This includes:

  • A global set of principles on which all employees are trained, every year (whether or not they work directly with animals)Communication campaigns to raise awareness and build understanding of important issues and behaviours
  • Detailed animal handling training on specific requirements of working with different species for those directly involved with animal husbandryComplete incident reporting (actual events and ‘near misses’)
  • Nutritional diets for all our animals, tailored to their particular needs
  • A rolling programme of upgrades to our facilities around the world
  • An ongoing programme of animal welfare audits across our sites


Being a responsible corporate citizen, within our communities, for example through:

  • Responding to major events and crises that affect those who work with us (e.g. natural disasters) and providing practical support
  • Supporting charities that work with our species, such as Send a Cow (the nominated charity partner for our European bovine business)
  • Supporting investment in agricultural education and science, to build individual capabilities and capacity within our industry
  • Recruiting into our farms and sites from our local communities


Continually reducing the environmental impact of protein production, by:

  • Introducing measures to cut greenhouse gas emissions
  • Improving feed efficiency in our pigs
  • Producing more home-grown feed for our animals (reducing reliance on purchased feed/transport)
  • Exploring ways of recycling and reusing waste from our operations
  • Upgrading our sites to continually improve efficiency, reduce waste and environmental impact.


Providing expertise and products that help our customers produce high-quality, safe and affordable animal protein. Our activities include:

  • Increasing the rate of genetic improvement to produce high productivity pigsImproving feed efficiency in our pigs
  • Using genetic improvement to select strong health traits in our product offerings in ABS and PIC
  • Using a range of tools to improve milk production and herd sustainability.


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