Our Strategy - Helping Customers Thrive

In this section, we provide information on our aims, performance and future plans for providing expertise and products that help our customers produce high-quality, safe and affordable animal protein.

We update our objectives and report on performance each year. Click on the sections below to learn about our progress in the financial year that ended on 30 June 2016 and the plans we are pursuing for 2016-17.


  • Accelerate the rate of genetic improvement, using relationship-based genomic selection to produce high productivity, high-health pigs
  • Increase commercial level merit, by reducing lag in the PIC supply chain
  • Improve milk production and herd sustainability using genetic audits, GMS and Net Profit Genetics
  • Introduce high-quality dairy genetics into India, developing a genomic market, and China, enabling access for milk producers who want to use high-quality genetics.


  • Using genomic selection, the value of PIC genetics improved by $3.15, providing highly productive, high-health pigs
  • Reduced genetic lag in the PIC supply chain to 3.45 years
  • Improved milk production and herd sustainability with TransitionRight™, Genetic Management Service (GMS 2.0), IVF technology and ABS Neo
  • Introduced high-quality dairy genetics into India through our new joint venture bull stud

PLANS FOR 2016-17

  • Continue to increase the rate of genetic improvement to help produce highly productive, high-health pigs
  • Maintain current genetic lag levels across the global PIC supply chain
  • Improve milk production and herd sustainability through IVF technology, genetic audits and mating tools, and the use of relevant trait indices in genetic selection
  • Export of live elite bulls to step up genetic merit in India

Case Studies

Exporting live bulls to India

Exporting live bulls to IndiaIn 2016, after a year of planning, ABS made the first-ever import of live bulls into India. This followed a milestone permit from the Indian government which enabled us to introduce 13 sires identified as having the best genetics for India into our local operations, based on assessment through the Indian Dairy Index (IDI), a framework we developed specifically for customers within the country. The 13 bulls were transported just over 14,000 km from the USA to our Brahma bull stud, a joint venture with BG Chitale. They are now the leading sires within India, enhancing the availability of high-quality genetics in the world’s largest dairy market.


PIC genomic selection

In 2012, PIC introduced relationship-based genomic selection to help us select and breed the best animals to drive genetic improvement. The result has been a step change in performance, giving us differentiated and proprietary products which will benefit customers in the coming years.

The methodology involved forms part of the ever-broader technological platform that underpins our business and helps us create genetic improvement for the different species with which we work.

Launch of GMS 2.0

Launch of GMS 2.0In July 2016, we introduced ‘GMS 2.0’, a new and highly customized version of our proprietary Genetic Management System®. This tool helps dairy farmers plan their breeding strategy and GMS 2.0 offers over 150 customization options, helping them tailor the programme to their particular goals, along with 14 customized reports to help them monitor genetic progress. Other features include more precise matings, improved inbreeding management and use of female genomic data. GMS 2.0 forms part of our ever-growing range of genetic tools that help farmers profit from genetic progress by producing more high-quality protein from their herds.

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