Our Strategy - Helping Customers Thrive

In this section, we provide information on our aims, performance and future plans for fulfilling our role as a responsible corporate citizen within our communities.

We update our objectives and report on performance each year. Click on the sections below to learn about our progress in the financial year that ended on 30 June 2016 and the plans we are pursuing for 2016-17.


  • Continue to respond to crises that affect those who work with us providing practical support.
  • Continue fund raising for Send a Cow, led by the ABS EMEA team, as well as sharing skills and matching customer donations.
  • Continue our programme of recruitment into our farms from local communities providing valuable jobs and training.


  • Continued to respond to crises that affect those who work with us, providing practical support
  • Continued supporting the charity Send a Cow, with 61 cows now provided through the charity
  • Recruited over 150 staff into our farms from local communities across our PIC and ABS production sites globally

PLANS FOR 2016-17

  • Continue to respond to crises, support Send a Cow and recruit into our farms from local communities

Case Studies

The Gallery @ Ruthin

The Gallery @ RuthinTo help people from around the UK (and beyond) learn more about the aims and operations of a bull stud, we have constructed a special facility at our Ruthin site in north Wales, UK. The Gallery@Ruthin centres on a viewing gallery that boasts seven large windows overlooking the main dairy collection ring, beef display ring and a bull playpen. Visitors can view this in complete biosecurity, because there is no shared airspace with the animals. The viewing gallery is complemented by an education centre and meeting room facility. The Gallery is proving a real attraction, with 2,300 visitors in the first year alone (including employees, customers, universities and colleges, breed societies and agricultural discussion groups).

Women in Dairy

Women in DairyWomen in Dairy is an initiative developed by Promar International, the agricultural consultancy that forms part of ABS, The Royal Association of British Dairy Farmers (RABDF) and AHDB Dairy. It brings together women currently working in the industry, and those interested in finding out more, to build knowledge, share experience and learn new skills. It works through a series of regional groups, each of which organises a programme of networking events and training sessions focusing on topics such as calf rearing, finance, disease control and animal well-being. There are currently 17 such groups across England and Wales. Two national conferences have also been arranged.

Scholarships in the Philippines

Scholarships in the PhilippinesPIC in the Philippines is supporting The Purple Centers Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation working with families in the garbage dump and cemetery communities of the Philippines. The Foundation aims to help children from these areas build a brighter future by enhancing their education. PIC offers college scholarships to children choosing courses related to agriculture. These cover tuition fees and allowances for lodging, food and other expenses. PIC also encourages these students to gain work experience during their course through on-the-job training at one of its own facilities or a partner farm. Three students are currently receiving such scholarships: they are pictured opposite and are all at Pampanga State Agricultural University, taking degrees in Agriculture (majoring in Animal Science).

Supporting Send a Cow

Supporting Send a CowSend a Cow helps poor dairy farmers in Africa by sharing knowledge and providing practical farming advice and emotional support. Every farmer helped pledges to ‘pass on’ the gift, by donating one of the cow’s offspring to another family. Research shows that for every person they help, ten more go on to benefit. Employees in our ABS EMEA region have supported the charity by sharing their skills, fund raising and matching customer donations. To date, we have raised equivalent funds to send 61 cows to Africa.

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