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In this section, we provide information on our aims, performance and future plans for continually improving animal well-being by working to world-class and scientifically proven standards of animal husbandry.

We update our objectives and report on performance each year. Click on the sections below to learn about our progress in the financial year that ended on 30 June 2016 and the plans we are pursuing for 2016-17.


  • Continue our annual programme of Pork Quality Assurance (PQA) training.
  • Ensure 95%+ of staff complete Animal Well- being training
  • Enhance the bulls’ well-being as ruminants: ABS owned studs will feed a higher volume, lower energy content diet, and longer particle length to enhance cud chewing
  • Continue the animal welfare audits at our four studs and extend to our joint venture (JV) stud in India once operational
  • Upgrade the Genus PIC Aurora site, our genetic nucleus in Canada.


  • Introduced new Animal Well-being training, which was completed by 97% of employees
  • Continued our PQA-based training in PIC-owned production facilities
  • Introduced a new diet to improve bull well-being in all ABS and JV studs
  • Audited all ABS and JV studs and acted on the findings
  • Upgraded Genus PIC Aurora site.

PLANS FOR 2016-17

  • Continue our programme of PQA-based training
  • Roll-out global animal care and well-being standards and processes in PIC-owned production facilities
  • Continue audits at ABS- owned and JV studs
  • Continue the upgrade of PIC-owned production facilities in the United States and Canada.

Case Studies

Caring for young calves

Caring for young calvesTo help us look after the well-being of young dairy calves, we have constructed a special facility on our site in Dekorra (USA). This has been designed around the particular needs of these animals and incorporates the very latest thinking on calf welfare. The facility houses calves individually or in small groups within calf hutches and all the animals have access to open runs and a covered bedding area, giving them plenty of room in which to move. The facility enables us to bring new calves under our care and control much earlier than we could previously, accelerating the speed at which we can share our very best genetics with customers.

Devising bull diets

Devising bull dietsWe have devised diets for our bulls that not only meet nutritional needs but also aid their well-being by helping them relax. We achieve this by delivering a high forage, high fibre diet, consistently throughout the day. This encourages cud chewing, which is natural behavior for cattle; if they can’t chew their cud, bulls can become agitated and stressed.  We tailor diets to meet their nutritional needs and strive to feed them 1.5% of their body weight daily. This blend also ensures the bulls do not become overweight and helps keep them contented.

Well-being at the Brahma stud

Well-being at the Brahma studOur new, state-of-the art bull stud in India (a joint venture with B.G. Chitale) was designed with animal well-being as its main priority. Pens give bulls plenty of room and contain comfortable bedding and a loafing area. Each pen is also fitted with a proprietary locking yoke that allows bulls to be handled safely and in a low stress way, helping to keep them calm. The collection area is the largest of any of our facilities and contains flooring that gives bulls secure footing. The facility also has plenty of natural ventilation and extensive shading, to which we are adding with new trees and shrubs that we are planting around the site.


Pork Quality Assurance (PQA) sessions

Pork Quality Assurance (PQA) sessionsWe use training from Pork Quality Assurance Plus (‘PQA+’) and standards set by National Pork Board in the US as templates for our global annual swine care training programme. In 2015/16, we delivered 36 PQA sessions globally, ensuring all our staff are trained to a consistent standard. We train and certify new staff as they work with us, with existing staff completing refresher sessions during the year.

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