Year in Review

August 2015

ABS launches TransitionRight™ index for Holstein cattle

TransitionRight™ is a proprietary index aimed at minimising post-calving metabolic disorders in dairy cattle

ABS launches TransitionRight index for Holstein cattle


September 2015

Imports of boars to Russia recommence

Follows reopening of the Russian border for imports of pigs from Canada


November 2015

New nucleus farms in the Philippines

Stocked two new third-party porcine sire line nucleus farms to expand capacity

Launch of IVB USA

IVB began serving large commercial dairies and beef producers in the US

Launch of IVB USA


December 2015

Technological breakthrough in PRRSv resistance

Paper published in ‘Nature Biotechnology’ announces the development of the first PRRSv-resistant pigs, in collaboration with the University of Missouri

Technological breakthrough in PRRSv resistanceTechnological breakthrough in PRRSv resistance

Weak dairy markets impact ABS

Milk prices in the US and Europe fall for a third consecutive six-month period, resulting in a 9% fall in dairy semen volumes at ABS through the year


January 2016

Launch of ABS Neo in Brazil

Commercial launch of elite genetic embryos, frozen using an advanced proprietary freezing technology

Launch of ABS Neo in BrazilLaunch of ABS Neo in Brazil


February 2016

Refinancing of Group debt facilities

New five-year, £170m multi-currency facilities with improved terms


March 2016

Launch of TransitionRight™ index for Jersey cattle

TransitionRight™ index extended to Jersey cattle


April 2016

ABS acquires St. Jacobs ABC

Vermont-based St. Jacobs is the world’s leading provider of show ring and high type dairy sires

New bull stud opens in India

New stud opened in Maharashtra, with capacity for 116 bulls and a new laboratory

New bull stud opens in India


May 2016

Strategic collaboration signed with Caribou Biosciences

Providing Genus with access to CRISPR-Cas9 (gene editing) technology

Strategic collaboration signed with Caribou Biosciences


June 2016

Landmark loyalty agreements with key Chinese customers1

Expanded capacity with existing partners and signed three new customer royalty agreements including a contract with Yunnan Shennong


1 Refers to signing date of Shennong agreement.

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