Our Business Model

Genus uses genome science to produce more efficient pigs and cattle for farmers. We deliver these animals into our customers’ herds as efficiently as possible and we link the amount we charge our customers to the benefits our superior animals deliver for them.

  • Genetically elite animals

    We own genetically elite pork, beef and dairy breeding herds, and also have strategic partnerships with third-party bovine breeders.

    Leading technology and know-how

    We have a team of over 90 PhD scientists in-house, and collaborative relationships with leading research institutions. We also have cutting-edge technologies that enable us to skew the chances of getting male or female offspring, produce embryos and edit animals’ genes.

    Global supply chain and distribution

    We produce bovine semen from our facilities across four continents, and sell it through our own staff and independent third-party resellers. We also produce embryos in the US and Latin America. In porcine, we genetically manage herds in over 40 countries. More than 95% of these herds are third-party owned, reducing our farming and commodity risk.

    Strong customer base

    In bovine, we serve over 40,000 customers globally, including some of the world’s leading beef and dairy producers. In porcine, we serve over 60% of the world’s leading pork producers, and engage most of them in multi‑year supply agreements.

  • Produce differentiated products

    Our customers want higher performing animals that require less feed to grow, are more resistant to disease and produce higher quality protein. We produce animals with desirable characteristics by continuously selecting the highest performing animals in our herds and throughout our supply chain to breed superior generations using our technology and know-how, in a continuous cycle.

    Distribute genetics quickly and efficiently to our customers

    To give our customers the number of elite pigs they need, we deliver live animals and semen to third-party ‘multipliers’ or our customers, who then multiply our pigs over four generations to deliver slaughter pigs. Our global supply chain and distribution quickly gets our latest genetics to customers.

    We distribute bovine genetics as semen, embryos and live animals. We produce and process these in strategically located studs and laboratories, both owned and third party, and sell them directly in 21 countries, and through distributors in approximately 50 countries. We offer sexed bovine genetics, as well as elite frozen embryos.

    To maximise our products’ performance in customer herds, our global technical service teams advise on nutrition, reproduction, health and other areas.

    Share in the value created

    We price our products to reflect the value they deliver for our customers.

    Our bovine genetics sold as semen are valued using both public and, increasingly, proprietary economic indices, which capture a weighted basket of desirable characteristics. Embryos are priced based on the genetic merit of both parents, determined through their respective index rankings.

    Our porcine genetics are measured through our indices aimed at customer profitability, and are primarily sold on multi-year pricing models, with an upfront payment equal to the cost of production and a deferred royalty linked to the volume of pigs produced. This creates customer loyalty and aligns our interests with theirs.

  • Customers

    Our genetically superior animals help our customers to produce better quality and quantity of meat or milk at lower cost.

    Consumers and communities

    Our animals help to reduce the volume of feed and water required to produce meat and milk. This lessens our customers’ environmental impact and increases the availability of safe, affordable animal protein for all.

    Our people

    Genus employees have the opportunity to develop themselves and harness cutting edge science to deliver value for our customers, whilst benefiting communities, animal welfare and the environment.


    As we share in the value that our products deliver to customers, we deliver attractive returns to our investors.

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