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Pioneering Animal Genetic Improvement

Genus is a world-leading animal genetics company. We provide farmers with superior genetics that enable them to produce higher-quality animal protein more efficiently, in the form of meat and milk.

Genus is a market leader in porcine, dairy and beef genetics and is uniquely positioned as a global player, with a dedicated, multi-species research and development (‘R&D’) function and an international distribution network.


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Our porcine business has a network of over 600 breeding herds in over 40 countries. Over 95% of these herds are owned by third parties or our customers.

Our bovine business owns bull studs in Europe, North America, Latin America and India, and sells genetics in more than 70 countries, both directly and through distributors.

Genus’s head office in Basingstoke, UK, provides shared services support to our international operations. Our R&D laboratories are based in Madison, Wisconsin, USA.



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Genus applies DNA analysis to accelerate genetic improvement and deliver it to our customers, quickly and efficiently. We breed and distribute the genes of the world’s best pigs and bulls, scientifically selecting livestock whose offspring are designed to increase the profitability of our customers, who are some of the world’s leading farmers and food producers.

In the porcine market, we sell genetically superior boars and sows that produce offspring with desirable characteristics, such as feed-efficient growth or leaner meat.

In the dairy and beef markets, our primary product is bull semen, which is delivered through artificial insemination to improve our customers’ herds and their efficiency. We also offer genetically superior embryos, through our subsidiary IVB.



Genus sells under well-known trademarks: ‘PIC’ for pigs and ‘ABS’ for dairy and beef cattle. During the year, we served our customers through three business units:

  • Genus PIC, which serves porcine customers in North America, Latin America and Europe.
  • Genus ABS, which serves dairy and beef customers in North America, Latin America and Europe.
  • Genus Asia, which serves porcine, dairy and beef customers in fast-growing Asian markets.

Our Asia unit was established in 2012 to create a strong base in the region’s diverse and fast-changing markets. In FY17, we will integrate the Asia unit’s porcine and bovine operations into the global PIC and ABS units, respectively.


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